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The Gateway


Track Repairs & Maintenance On-line

As part of our service we are happy to offer all of our customers access to our repair centre; The Gateway.

To enable access please use the Request a Login page and provide us with the following details:-

  • Company Name.
  • Company Main Phone Number.
  • Company Main Fax Number.
  • Contact Name.
  • Contact Direct Dial Phone Number.
  • Contact Mobile Phone Number.
  • Contact Email Address.
  • Head Office Address .

A Customer will then be created on The Gateway and a subsequent Customer Administrator User Created. This user has the functionality to create new users for the Customer.

Once you’ve received your login details, click the links at the very top of the page to download the latest version of The Gateway.

The Gateway is driven by Repair Contracts, even Ad Hoc/Billable Repairs are still subject to this process, and so each repair or sets of repairs must have a contract setup before repairs can be associated to it and booked in. This contract can only be setup by M3 Mobile Repair Centre Contract User and outlines terminal type, fault classes covered, turnaround times, return shipping address, etc.

Customers can then either use the RMA Form for the Ad Hoc/Billable Repairs or if they require a Maintenance contract for their entire fleet fill out the Request a Quote.

It’s an easy to use, Java based application database providing useful management statistics to help our customers evaluate, manage their repairs/assets, but it doesn’t end there The Gateway can do so much more and is a vital addition to any customer or partners range of tools.
You simply log-in and enter the details about the faulty unit. Then the Gateway:-

  • Manages and track your own courier details.
  • Tracks when unit is received.
  • Tracks if parts are replaced.
  • Management of damaged terminals and view images.
  • Assign PO’s directly to units if required.
  • Tracks when repairs are complete.
  • Tracks when unit is dispatched.
  • Logs ALL the data for management reports.
  • Aid M3 Mobile Repair Centre in our self improvement plan, Kaizen.
  • Access to a knowledge base 24/7.

Simply send us a faulty unit by entering a serial number and fault description. It can then automatically organise the courier and generate the required paperwork for you. As soon as the faulty unit leaves your premises The Gateway enables you to track it through the whole repair procedure, live over the internet. It gives you the ability to see; when we have received your unit, when we replace parts, when we carry out component level repairs, when we have dispatched your unit and every individual stage on its journey back to you.

You can use The Gateway to access historic records of repaired units and produce graphical information of the results. This can help you deal with repeat repair problems and investigate individual employee based issues. You can also assign passwords and different hierarchical views of the information contained in Gateway to your employees, providing increased security for your company.


You will require Java installed you your host PC to run the application, this can be downloaded from We have 2 versions of The Gateway as some of our existing customers can not upgrade to Version 7 as this would cause conflicts with other software. To overcome this we have provided 2 links:-

Knowledge Base

A new graded Knowledge Base Article system has been installed which is available 24/7 365 days a year. This allows users at different levels to choose which user has access to which articles. They are graded as follows:-

  • Grade 1 – User
  • Grade 2 – Team Leader
  • Grade 3 – Administrator

What is Kaizen?

 Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”) refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management. It has been applied in health-care, psychotherapy, life-coaching, government, banking, and many other industries. When used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, Kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all functions, and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. It also applies to processes, such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain. By improving standardised activities and processes, Kaizen aims to eliminate waste (see lean manufacturing). Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese businesses after the Second World War, influenced in part by American business and quality management teachers who visited the country. It has since spread throughout the world and is now being implemented in many other venues besides just business and productivity.

This has been implement by adding a “Kaizen” button visible in the top menu. Users can add “Bugs”, “Suggestions” and even “Complaints”.