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Welcome to the official repair website for M3 Mobile UK & Eire.


M3-Mobile Repair Centre offers highly specialised technical solutions designed to enhance our standard warranties and deliver peace of mind to our customers.

Whether your business is looking to develop a service plan, extend an existing service plan, or requires flexible repair options, no one is better qualified than M3-Mobile Repair Centre to assist you.

M3-Mobile Repair Centre uses a comprehensive technical support process and has access to M3 Mobile’s online knowledge database for product information and support. When a repair is required, you can request a “Return Materials Authorization” (RMA) online with 24/7 access to a variety of reports and information including, status of devices submitted for repair and service history.



Maintenance Repairs

Here at M3 Mobile Repair Centre we offer several maintenance packages to fit your business needs.

Our Bronze package offers turnaround times between 5-7 working days and our Silver Service package has a 3-5 working day turnaround with accidental damage included.

Our maintenance packages start from a 3 year agreement up to a 5 year.

Go to our Service Levels page to learn more about M3 Mobile Repair Maintenance.                   Service Levels

Billable Repairs

The most simple way to getting your M3 Mobile equipment fixed with no signed agreements, just pay and go.

If you’re equipment is faulty or damaged and not in warranty or covered by a Maintenance package, then start the process of repair by logging your terminals details on the Request An RMA page.

Then ship the unit/s into our repair centre for them to be evaluated and quoted for.

Request RMA